Thursday, February 14, 2008

Salt Lake #1 on

So is this good or bad? We are officially the best place to buy real estate in the country. I actually kinda liked the slumping prices. Things got affordable. My wife and I even purchased a home. Rental properties were coming down to reasonable prices and then WHAM!! Forbes has to go and ruin everything.

Here's what the yahoo's are saying:

Salt Lake City is on top of the list because our housing should not fall. The national “experts” are saying that Salt Lake may have found a bottom because we are bringing in new jobs faster than any city in the country. Also, our in migration is extremely high.

Check it out for yourself at

Who knows if this is good or bad. I have clients getting good homes right now in the low $200s. New construction is still in the tanker but that is changing. I don't expect us to appreciate 30% again. Can't we just be happpy with a good 4-6%? Who knows. We will see what happens.

In other news... we got lots of snow today. Get out the skis.